Clubhouse Reopening

A newsletter detailing actions taken to keep Staff and Members Safe

Davenport Golf Club
Clubhouse Reopening Intsructions
Dear Members,
Here are the instructions for use of the Clubhouse in accordance with Government guidelines and those from England Golf.

Entrance & Exit to Clubhouse & Patio

Always enter the clubhouse on the right hand side of the Main entrance door. Turn immediately right to gain access to all areas. (Signs will be displayed to guide you)

The Outside entrance doors to both Gents and Ladies locker rooms will remain locked for security reasons.
Doors from the Main Lounge to be used to exit Clubhouse and to gain access to toilets.
When exiting Clubhouse please leave on the right hand side.

We have introduced a one way system for entering and exiting clubhouse from Patio. To enter the Clubhouse please use the Patio door nearest to the Pro Shop. To exit Clubhouse and return to Patio please exit using the Patio door next to the Dining Room.

Toilet Facilities

The Locker rooms are in use for the TOILETS FACILITIES ONLY.
The Lockers must not be used and use of showers is also Prohibited.

**Please note access to all toilets are restricted in terms of space and as such are 'PINCH POINTS', so please be alert and follow social distancing guidelines. (Again signs will be displayed to guide you)

Particular attention is needed when entering and exiting Ladies toilets, due to the narrow corridor. so when exiting please turn right into the dining room. Again be alert and follow social distancing wherever possible.

Tables, Seating & Service

Maximum Seating Capacities per room with 2 metre social distancing:-

TV Lounge 24 people
Main Lounge 22 people
Dining Room 32 people
Please do not move or reposition the chairs.

Patio Area:
3 Chairs have been placed at the large tables in specific positions to allow for table service so Please do not move or reposition the chairs.

On weekends only: A full Table service will be provided on the patio, so please sit at your table and a member of staff will take your order and bring it out to you............Please be patient, we can only utilise a limited number of staff to comply with Government Guidelines

We have a limited food menu to reduce queuing and to speed up service as per Government Guidelines. Menus will be provided on each table. Please read them and make your choice but avoid touching them.

We are operating a Traffic light system for clean and used/dirty tables.
A green disc confirms the table has been cleaned and so can be used.
when you leave the table please flip the disc to Red and the staff will clean the table for the next group.

All beer and soft drinks served on the patio will be in plastic pots and after use must be disposed of in the waste bins provided at each table

Ordering at the Bar

When ordering food from the bar, please wait at the Order Point (signs will be displayed to guide you)
When your order has been placed and paid for, please collect drinks from the far end of the bar and take to your table. (We recommend wherever possible one member of the group orders; pays and takes drinks to the table on a tray provided, to avoid queues at the bar.

Please note that the person who serves you will log each name of your party and their telephone number. This data will be kept for 21 days. This information will be used to contact you should there be a reported case of covid from a person who has been using the Clubhouse.


Members cards are not in use, so please pay with a contactless debit or credit card. Your membership discounts will still apply.

A video of the Layout will be available to view on the clubs website on Friday.

We ask that you follow the above Instructions to ensure the safety of both Members and Employees.

Finally, due to the restrictions we now only have a limited number of tables and chairs available, so please be considerate to ensure that everyone can enjoy the facilities that the club has to offer.

Anyone who does not adhere to the above will be asked to leave.

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